Dhanyawad Ke Saath (Guitar Chords) – Shirin George

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A#                                                          Dm

Dhanyawad Ke Sath Stuti Gaoonga

        D#                        A#

Hey Yeshu Mere Khuda

A#                          Dm

Upkaar Tere Hain Beshumaar

        D#      F         A#

Koti Koti Stuti Dhanyawad


Verse 1:

A#                                        Dm

Yogyata Se Badke Diya Hai

D#                             A#

Apni Daya Se Tune Mujhe (2)

Cm                        Dm

Mangne Se Zyada Mila Mujhe

       D#   F                  A#

Aabhari Hun Prabhu Mai (2)


Verse 2:

A#                                        Dm

Tu Hai Sacha Zinda Khuda

               D#               A#

Tujh Par Hi Bharosa Mera (2)

Cm                       Dm

Seva Poori Karke Paoon Inam

             D#   F     A#

Prabhu Aisa Do Vardan (2)


  • we like your this song dhanyawaad ke saath very much. your voice is also very sweet. I use to listen this not less then 50 times daily.. May God bestow showers of blessings upon you. Keep it up. From my side you are getting 100 upon 100. best wishes to all of them who accompanied you.. lyrics is also heart touching. thank you.

  • Very melodious and heart touching.

  • Thank you for such a b’tfl composition (original writer of the song)…and to those who brought the hindi version before the world…
    God bless you guys immensely…

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