Khudawand azeem baadshah | Prem Anand Shanti | Anil Kant

Khudawand azeem baadshah,
Khudawand ke huzoor aao
Aao saari duniya ke logo
Aaj naya geet gao
Khudawand ka naam Mubarak kaho
Uski najaat ki khushkhabri do-2

Duniya mein uske jalaal ka
Logon mein uske har kaam ka
Karo bayaan uske geet gao
Sabse azeem, woh sabse badaa
Jisne aasmaan banaya,
uske huzoor aao

Sajda karein paak dil se yahan
Zinda qurbaani laye yahan
Khush hai aasmaan
zameen geet gaaye
Jungalon ke ped bhi gunguna rahe
Kyunki aaj aa raha hai Woh
Aaj tum zuroor aao
Khudawand azeem baadshah…


  • Thanks brother for posting the lyrics.May God bless you abundantly.Brother please add lyrics meaning in English.So that all can the meaning of the song .As the words used in the song are typical.

  • Hallelujah.. truly amazing.. our God is an awesome God n these wonderful songs giving Him praise simplify glorifying Him.. may the goood Lord bless the Kant family for beautifully putting the words in such simple n cathching melodies that even a non-singer could happily sing for eternity.. i feel so greatly blessed n may everyone stay blessed.. Amen

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